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Europe Paused To Consider Issues Metalaxyl Residues In Imported Pepper To 2018

Pepper Association of Vietnam (VPA) said, before opposition from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Vietnam, the Spices of the Government of India (ISB) and the Association Spices Europe (ESA), the European Commission ( EC) to review the new draft Regulation concerning Metalaxyl on pepper and decided to pause and wait for the results review meetings of experts CODEX revaluation, expected during 2018.

EC also allows countries to plant pepper (Vietnam is the most produced in the world) can process information and data to JMPR (Joint FAO / WTO Meeting on Pesticide residues) to professionals Codex more data consider.

This is good news for the pepper industry, however in the long run the problem strictly for residues of pesticides on pepper will always be the import market place and therefore to the industry Vietnam Pepper really stable development in the future, there is no other way is to fierce than in manufacturing, especially farmers and traders clue, business collection, temporary storage ... should be responsible office, changing production methods, business towards safety and quality to be able to avoid the risk of devaluation, not consume the goods because of quality problems is not guaranteed.

As known, earlier after stopping to consider issues Metalaxyl residue on pepper imports into Europe May 10/2016, 12/2016 mid European Commission resumed reset problem and is expected to double maximum residue levels (MRLs) allowed of Metalaxyl residues on imports into EU./ pepper.