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The signing of free trade agreements has quickly appeared more opportunities for Vietnam fruit exports. although the exporter concerned is to promote the development of sustainable fruit and meet the standards of the discerning market.

Fruit consumption convenient: This year to date March many fruits still anchor the price, even kind even higher before Tet as pitaya white flesh only 7 thousand to 8 thousand now pitch has increased from 12 thousand to 13 thousand / kg, trees such as mango, soursop, longan, tangerine ... increased from 3000-5000 VND / kg.

now there are more than 100 agricultural products processing base of fruit vegetables industrial scale with a capacity of 300,000 tonnes / year. According to the survey data of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Vietnam has to date fruits exported to over 60 countries and territories, and this number will continue to increase in the coming time.

Dragon fruit is the fruit of the key export enterprises VN, accounting for about 40% of total exports; while the other fruits such as mango, litchi ... markets are Japan, EU ... preferred. Besides, opportunities for farmers and growers in general VN fruit in particular is wide open when a series of free trade agreements coming period will take effect. In particular export promotion and export dragon fruits agricultural products in Vietnam in general has improved markedly boom. see also advise agricultural and fisheries exports in 2016 click here: agricultural exports to the US now be viewed online channel is extremely good export world during the past 9 years, the channel connecting importers and exporters around the globe together.

 According to the assessment of experts, VN is now in the Top 10 Markets whose products are most searched on earth. So, this is the time of the Vietnam exporters can break through e-commerce.